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Autographed Sports Memorabilia Scams

Sports Memorabilia Collecting is the closest way for most sports fans to get close to their favorite athletes and or sports teams and in has a great reminder of an amazing event in sports history. Like a game winning play in an important playoff game and having an autographed photo from those event seals that place in time forever.As far as Autographed Sports Memorabilia collecting in some cases it may be extremely difficult to obtain autographed memorabilia items on your own so an option that sports fans have is buying these items from a supplier of Sports Memorabilia items. Over the years this option has proven to be a dark and illegal option from fakes being passed on as the real thing. This is unfortunately a real problem and were you choose to obtain your Autographed Sports Memorabilia items from may be the difference between having an item that could be a valuable treasure for generations or a cheap worthless knock off.

How do you protect yourself from these scams?.One way to help assure you are getting the real thing is to make sure you receive an Autographed Sports Memorabilia Certificate of Authentication with every piece. Companies have really taken huge steps to make their certificates tamper or fraud proof by adding hidden watermarks and other hidden ID's that can not be copied.Another way to protect your self is watch for deals that seem to good to be true. Sports Collectibles that are extremely discounted compared to other similar items from a particular athlete. Real dealers know what the value is and they are not going to damage the market by lowering cost unrealistically.

Look around for a trusted seller one that has a good reputation with previous customers, this may be one option that may be the most valuable.

.This article was written by W.R. Hagerty experience sports memorabilia collector and professional Internet marketer.

To get quality Autographed Sports Memorabilia form a trusted source visiting our Sports Memorabilia website. All items include Certificate of Authenticity so you can shop with confidence. Take a look at: http://www.idealsports.


By: Wayne Hagerty

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