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The importance of impact training
A few year's ago some friends and I went to a demonstration to see some supposed "black belts" demonstrate their skills. I was very disappointed not to mention startled at how ineffective their technique was considering their rank. I should point out that these practitioners were not traditional karateka, but studied another martial art which will remain nameless!

Learn to use your feet
Many new students have difficulty using their feet. I'm not referring to kicking in this article, I'm talking about footwork, positioning and dynamic movement. This is one thing that is difficult to master. Until you have it "under your belt" so to speak, you don't use your feet in the correct way and will be left frustrated and disheartened.

Improve Your Win/Loss Ratio By Using This One Simple Strategy
Some time back I had the good fortune to train under Sensei Antonio Oliva. Sensei Oliva is regarded by many as the world's foremost tactical coach. Apart from being a national and European champion, he was responsible for taking the Spanish team to world level as the Spanish national coach.

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