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Evaluating Cornhole Bags and Boards

Cornhole is the game that is literally sweeping the country. What was once a relatively obscure game is now a staple during spring, summer, and fall (and some places, even winter!). Buying a cornhole set hasn't been exactly perfected yet.

The best prices on cornhole boards can be found on the internet, but the downside is that they are expensive to ship. On the flip side, local sellers seem to mark their cornhole product up SO much that you hate to fork over so much cash for something that is so grossly overpriced.So, which way do you go? I would suggest building your own set. It's not a very hard thing to do and the plans can be obtained at various sites on the internet by doing a search (Search for "Cornhole Dimensions").

The materials should cost you around $25 and, depending on your skill level, take only a few hours. That should save you around $100 over ordering a set over the internet. If building your own is not an option, I would do a search for a local cornhole manufacturer and then simply arrange for a pickup.The next thing you need is a set of cornhole bags.

Cornhole bags also seem to be pricier when you purchase them locally. In my area, they are upwards of $40 per set plus tax! You can find the bags on the internet for as low as $20 a set and sometimes even lower. Shipping is also reasonable at around $9.99 anywhere in the country.

So, for cornhole bags, you are probably better off purchasing them online. You will get a better price, better quality, and better color selection. In addition to that, some retailers will offer a warranty on the bags that you purchase from them, something that you normally will not find when buying locally.Either way, don't delay too long. No party is complete without a cornhole game going on!.


David Roth runs http://www.cornhole-game.org, a resource site devoted to the game of cornhole, corn toss, or baggo.

By: David Roth

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