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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing For Trout - A Quiet Revolution In a new, innovative and well researched approach to fly fishing, Wayne Smith explores the feeding behaviour of both Brown and Rainbow trout - The feeding behaviour of trout is the sum of two factors: Firstly, through the fry and fingerling stages, identification of 'Food Recognition Keys' is ingrained as a result of the repetitive feeding pattern of their natural survival instincts. Secondly, as they get larger, they can manage larger diet items. Supplementary behaviour is learned as a reactive response to the local fauna of the area in which they are hatched or released. Local knowledge is normally of benefit here and this is what we traditionally focus on when fly fishing. The author of Fly Fishing For Trout - A Quiet Revolution focuses on the instinctively learned 'Food Recognition Keys.

' They enable anglers to catch trout in any location or situation in which they exist. Local knowledge becomes relatively irrelevant. It also means flies do not need to imitate anything to catch trout.

Flies can then be tied to counter stream or water conditions, or to counter, and or take advantage of, various aspects of trout behaviour. That approach by the author has been enhanced by the use of innovative strategies, tactics and trout fly construction, which have dramatically raised the bar on fly fishing success rates. That experience and knowledge is now being shared in this groundbreaking new publication on fly fishing. .

By: Wayne Smith

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