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Has David Stern Forgotten the Working Man

David Stern the commissioner of the NBA wants to impose a Dress Code on the Players. A Dress code for a sport that is played in Shorts and tank tops. Will this Dress Code Backfire on commissioner Stern.

David Stern wants to upgrade the image of the NBA by imposing a "Corporate Dress Code" on NBA Players. Currently NBA Players can wear anything they want in public. If David Stern has his way the players will be required to wear Slacks, Collared Shirts and Sports Jackets.

How is a Dress code going to change the quality of the games played on the hardwood. David Stern is under pressure to change the public image of the league in the Wake of the "Rumble in Detroit". Somehow he thinks that by requiring players to be more GQ in public this will help the public relations.The GQ effect could backfire badly.

Many basketball fans (The Average man and women on the street) are priced out of going to basketball games. They resent all the corporations with the luxury boxes and court side seats. Requiring the ball players to be more GQ may just put these fans over the edge and convince them that basketball is only a game for the corporate elite.

Sure you may get more money for the luxury boxes at the cost of TV Viewer ship and the revenue that goes with those TV packages. David Stern be careful what you ask for?.

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