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Hurricanes and Recreation

Hurricanes can cause huge issues for recreation for human beings. It is hard to use the park when the park is flooded and the tree branches have blown down, as trash cans roll across the perimeter and all the trash flies away. When the power goes out and stays out four weeks on end; no one can play in the soccer fields, the baseball diamonds or tennis courts.Park and recreation districts are generally not the first things fixed in the aftermath of hurricanes, as first things must come first. For instance waterlines and power sources must be restored. Major city services such as sewer treatment plants, and law enforcement facilities must be repaired.

Nevertheless the physical and emotional toll that takes place after a hurricane can be devastating on the human psyche and lead to depression and overweight. It is important to exercise and this can relieve stress and keep off unnecessary pounds after a hurricane has struck. It is recommended that you walk or jog if possible even if all the parks are close and none of the recreation facilities in your town are working.Sometimes it takes months until the cities and counties catch back up with all their work and are able to repair the recreational facilities. But it should be noted how important these recreational facilities are for the happiness of humans especially after facing tragedy and destruction of their region.

Please consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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