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The nd Kentucky Derby

Only a few days left before Churchill Downs hosts the 132nd Kentucky Derby on Saturday - May 6, the event also tagged as "the most exiting two minutes in sports." This year's race has a lot of very competitive contenders:A.P.Warrior, Barbaro, Bob and John, Brother Derek, Cause To Believe, Flashy Bull, Keyed Entry, Lawyer Ron, Point Determined, Sinister Minister and Steppenwolfer. That's my list - gee, I've almost mentioned all the contenders for the Kentucky Derby. Frankly, up to now, I haven't made up my mind on whom to bet on.

These horses (not to mention the jockeys and trainers) have very oustanding records making each worthy to go down in history as the 132nd Kentucky Derby winner. Unfortunately, the Kentucky Derby needs but one winner.Just a bit of history - last year, Afleet Alex was the crowd favorite who took home 2 slices of the 3-leg Triple Crown series. Afleet Alex was just a notch away from earning the ever elusive Triple Crown Title, only to be disappointed in the Kentucky Derby by Giacomo. So, do you think that there will be a sensational upset this year? I don't think so, with so many stars and very eligible winner that the lineup provides.However, with all those superstars, I'm leaning more on Lawyer Ron-Brother Derek matchup to the final stretch.

Both have shown resiliency amidst near-losing efforts. Also, with seasoned trainers Bob Holthus and Dan Hendricks at their sides, these two horses are in tip-top share - perhaps the peak of their career! And what better way to showcase their racing prowess than to bag the Kentucky Derby.Nevertheless, do not discount the very steady Bob and John and the sensational Barbaro for your superfecta pick.


I'll leave you at that and all of you sports betting enthusiasts can visit Nine.com for more live feeds and odd up to game time on Saturday. Also, check out my blog for free and superb online betting sports picks and tips.

By: Michell Friend

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