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The Ultimate Camouflage

From the West to the East coast, the fall season is upon us and hunters are beginning to trickle into the woods for area goose, pheasant, grouse, elk, deer and many other tasty treats.As the season descends, more and more types of camouflage are being introduced into the world of hunting. Some of these are good and some not so good. Concealment is defined as: "an attempt to hide or to prevent for recognition or disclosure".

Hunters will spend hundreds of dollars on trying to be concealed in the woods this year alone. Scent locking clothing, standard camouflage, mossy, leafy, desert, all of it is good as long as it is used in the proper environment. Wearing desert camouflage in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin will only get you more attention than you really wanted, especially if your favorite weaponry accompanies what you are wearing.Standard camouflage is always a good choice, but the better choice is an oldie but goodie that has been proven in times past to be the most effective camouflage around.

In fact, it originates from Scotland before WWI and was used for the purpose of "game keeping". I'm referring of course to the ghillie suit. The ghillie suit went on to serve a very important service in all of the preceding wars including our current war on terror. The ghillie suits ability to conceal is by far the best in the field, but it is no longer just used in wars and protecting game. In fact, recreational use for the ghillie suit is on the rise. Ghillie suits are being customized for paintball games and for hunting usage.

Because of its ability to conceal in the way that it does, the ghillie suit will likely be around for a long time to come.

.The author is a 25 year veteran of law enforcement, a former firearms instructor and an avid hunter of many species.For more information on the ghillie suit, check out getyourghillie.com.

By: Greg Linse

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