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The YankeesRed Sox rivalry qualifies under both of these categories

A New York-Boston bout is the greatest feud in all of sports. No other match up in professional sports offers as much history, hostility, and competition as when the Yanks and Sox assemble and prepare to battle. Where else can you see a 73-year-old coach thrown to the ground by the opposing team's ace pitcher? The only place to catch such action and intensity is in the Bronx or at Fenway Park. The New York-Boston hatred is unmatched in professional sports and is something baseball needs to survive in an era marked by an asterisk.

During a time in baseball in which many spectators are left feeling bamboozled due to accusations of performance enhancing drug use, the sport needs something to pull itself out of the gutter. The one thing that can revive America's hallmark pastime is the grudge match between the "Evil Empire" and the formerly cursed BoSox.

Whether it be George Steinbrenner calling out his own club or the opposing Sox, you can guarantee that whatever the outcome is, it will be historic. Anytime these two teams meet for an American League East war, the fire starts to rekindle in fan's eyes.

No other duel in sports has created such abhorrence between two cities as the Yankees and Red Sox have. No other rivalry has been a catalyst for causing two members of the grounds crew to jump into the visiting bullpen to try to take on Jeff Nelson and Karim Garcia as we have seen in the 2003 ALCS at Fenway Park.

The Yankees and Red Sox have an historic, and at the same time, a maniacal, relationship.

The bitter vengeance between these two teams is something that needs to be present in order for baseball to survive. Every person in America is sick of hearing about Barry Bonds, BALCO, and every other mind numbing steroid allegation that has been regurgitated over and over again in the past few months. Yankees-Red Sox games are the perfect way for fans to regain appreciation for the sport by recognizing the great history between the two teams.

Even in May, when games do not carry as much weight as they do at the end of the season, New York against Boston is a big deal.

Early season match ups between the two teams always pressure players into bringing their 'A game' to the ballpark and allow fans of the respective cities to gain bragging rights.

There are other great rivalries all throughout sports, but none of them contain the gusto and all pale in comparison to the zeal that is brought to the table when Joe Torre's squad goes up against Terry Francona's. No other rivalry has as rich a history and deep disdain as the saga that is brought on when Bean-town comes to the Bronx or vice versa, and quite frankly, there never will be another rivalry that is half as great.

Odds on the Yankees to win this week's series were 5/8 @ http://www.WagerWeb.com.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com.


WagerWeb.com Contributing Writer.


By: wagerweb.com

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