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Used Go Karts Things You Should Know Before Buying

Used go karts are usually sought after by those on a limited budget or those thinking of giving karting a go but do not want to commit to the full price until they are sure they like the lifestyle.If you are a parent or adult buying a used go kart for the kids then you need to tread carefully as often those shining, flash looking used go karts for sale online, going for a steal may end up costing you as much or even more than buying it brand new and then it may only last half as long.You will learn here some insider tips on buying used go carts, what to look for and what to avoid, questions to ask and practicle advice to follow that will help to ensure your children or yourself enjoys years of fun on cheap used go kart.The first and most important tip is never buy used go karts online ! Yes it's true never buy them online, you will inevitably end up with somebody elses problems and seeking reperation or refunds after the fact may prove near impossible.People often make the mistake of buying a used go cart from the internet from a seller out of state, then having it couriered to them a few days later, based entirely on the sellers description and the two or three photographs.

The sad truth is people often lie about the condition of thier used go carts and they will equally fail to reveal faults about the gokart unless you specifically ask the right questions, if you do not want to be caught out like this then don't buy used go karts for sale on the internet.Caveat Emptor ! Is the rule of thumb, Buyer beware, if the kart is unbelievebly cheap then is is probably unbelievebly unreliable and will blow up on the third outing.If you insist on buying used online then make sure you get the sellers home number and postal address.Ask for his phone number so that you can call him and ask some vital questions, if he is selling a dud then he will be reluctant to give out personal information and will probably insist on communicating via email only, if this is the case then leave it well alone.If the seller is honest and thinks the go kart is in good, going condition then he should not be averse to accepting a weeks guarantee. That means you pay for the gokart, it is couriered to you or you pick it up, and you run it for a week and if happy the deal is sealed, if you are unhappy the go-cart can be returned for a full refund, minus the courier cost which you carry, if you need to courier it back.

Ideally if you are looking for used gokarts then it pays to buy locally, search within your driving range so that you can inspect the go kart, give it a test run and ask all of the pertinant questions you need to ask.If the go kart has been raced or is from a go cart hire business, then it is logical to assume it has had heavy and repeated use and has probably been involved in a few crashes and spills, these are questions you need to ask, if it has been crashed a few times then the go kart chassis is probably out of line and there will be other problems that are not visible or identifiable at the time of inspection.Buying used go carts for sale from a fellow dad whose children may have outgrown it or don't think it is cool anymore is the best option for buying second hand, if the go-cart is less than five years old and is in good nick then you can safely bet it has had limited use and little wear and tear.

The average family yard kart gets used less than 50 times a year and for short periods, this option is the best way to buy. Try bargaining if you think the price is a little steep, dad won't mind and he wants it to go to a good home and be appreciated.When you make the first query by phone make sure you know the brand, make, model and year.

Use this information to research online the average price for the same gokart brand new and used, this gives you room for negotiation.The final thing about buying a used go kart is don't forget to have fun when you finally get one, it sure beats kicking a ball around.

.We have articles, tips and resources to assist you in making informed decisions about go carts from a fun hobby to serious go karts advice. You will save time, money and be better informed on all things to do with go carts.

Visit us at http://www.go-carts-guide.com.

By: Rob Lear

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